Informed by the muted and passionate colors of youth in Sumi Ukraine, inspired by a decade of travels through Europe, USA and Asia as a fashion model at the highest level -


 Katya began her artistic career painting and drawing the beauty around her - languid and fluid sketches of friends from fashion,  from music, dancers.  Her eye follows the beauty and movement of the female form with a delicate but definitive touch.  Clearly drawing from the great works of notable artists from the Kunstgewerbeschule era, with a contemporary touch. 

Katya is an archetype of the analog artist in the digital age.


 Recent shows:


“Artfall” group show - Gallery Henoch ( chelsea ) October 2016

“Kind of Blue“ group show TriBeCa - January 2018

“ Invitation a la Danse“ group show TriBeCa - January 2019